Choosing a Dance School, What Every Parent Should Consider, provides an unbiased source of information for parents seeking to find the best dance training for their child.

Selecting a good dance school is not an easy task. Parents are confronted with an enormous variety of studios to choose from, and no state or national ranking exists on the quality of those schools to aid them in their search.

But Choosing a Dance School provides all the information parents need to make an informed decision. Inside this book are ten chapters filled with examples, facts and helpful tips. Each chapter concludes with a short list of questions parents should ask before enrolling their child in any school.

The book also includes information on why choosing a good school is important, and discusses the differences between educational and recreational schools. Every chapter is filled with information and ideas designed to help parents navigate the often confusing world of dance studios.

Some chapter titles include: Types of Dance Schools, Tuition and Fees, and What to Look for, What to Look Out For .

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Dancing Between the Ears, Technical Tips and Images for Dancers, is an invaluable handbook for dance teachers and students.

It features a collection of images, such as: "A frappé should be like a snake striking", organized in easily accessible chapters such as: Traveling Steps, Barre,pac and even Images Using Props.

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138 pages, softcover.

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The Boone Connection in the Lost Counties traces the descendants of Jesse and Jonathan Boone, sons of Israel Boone and nephews of the famous Daniel Boone.

These Boone families settled in the remote counties of Yancey, Mitchell and Avery, deep in the mountains of North Carolina.

218 pages, fully indexed, perfect bound.

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